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Thread: Auto collision insurance?

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    ON tomorrow's agenda is to try and find a broker. Although I deal with insurance brokers on a daily basis for work I'd always assumed that for personal lines brokers only dealt with rich people. After all, I'm only spending $1000/year on all three policies, so that's only $150 or so in commission for them. And saving me $100 or $200 is going to cut that commission even lower.

    Since the policies that I write for work average more in the $30,000 price range I, perhaps mistakenly, assumed that brokers wouldn't be interested in putting much effort into a small personal lines client like me.

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    I have an amazing auto/home insurance broker and I'm not rich by any means. I've had him and his team for years and they are amazing in terms of proving excellent customer service. I used to HATE the idea of thinking through policies but they make it so easy it makes my head spin. But I think I'm just lucky. I'm not suggesting all brokers are that good.
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    Just got an email advising me to sign up for a 10% discount due to the reduced driving during virus lockdown for 2-3 months.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveinMN View Post
    Excellent advice. I tried that with our previous company (captive agent) and he trimmed and nicked but really didn't do anything beyond "pay less; get less". I do expect our broker to do that work (he did to get our business in the first place; that's what they get paid for -- though some offices may have to be prodded to do what they're supposed to). IL, two properties and five vehicles are not that many. Anybody with a cabin has two properties. I have two properties in our house and my rental. Writing for the vehicles will be a fair amount of copy-and-paste work, but, again, that's what the folks in the insurance agent are paid to do (unless you go on-line with something like Progressive or esurance; then you do it).
    well, you are right that we don’t exactly have an empire, but we do have a fleet. One of the cars is insured in Hermann and we will eventually move all the vehicles there because insurance is cheaper, but right now they spend most of their time in the city.
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    We went with Geico 2 years ago and it’s cheaper and they were great when we had a claim.

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