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Thread: Any Refugee Families Here?

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    Any Refugee Families Here?

    My mother, grandmother and aunt were refugees from World War 2. They were first taken in by Sweden and after being vetted for a year by Canada.

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    Not since the 1600's!
    My friend is from a refugee family--she was born in China to Austrian Jews who had fled because of Hitler, and they ended up in Cleveland. I don't think she got here until she was about twelve.

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    Some of my family came here from Ireland to escape English justice. Others came later to escape Irish justice.

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    Speaking of refugees, I have lately been seeing many references from (mostly European mainstream) media that Uganda is the new caring community for refugees, that country is taking in many refugees.

    This is a representative article

    The United States should take heed! We should emulate this kinder, gentler country with"progressiive, forward thinkng policies."

    I guess when you murder a measurable percentages of your population, and another large percentages dies oF AIDS, you need immigrants to populate your country. And what a great deal, you get one acre.

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