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Thread: Minimalist group

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    Minimalist group

    I found a Minimalism group on Facebook that is located about 60 miles away from me. It's based on the recent Netflix documentary and the two guys who call themselves The Minimalists. The local group meets once a month or so. I haven't been able to go, but I enjoy the interaction on the Facebook group page. There may be others in other parts of the country.
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    I am wondering if you connected with the Minimalism group, and how the experience was.

    I have been decluttering for about a month, and keeping a journal of what I have discarded or reorganized. I did not not take "before" pictures of areas I am concentrating on, but looking over the journal gives me a sense that I am making progress.

    Incidentally, in the summer of 1970 I was a summer intern in Topeka, working with the accountants on the AAES (base exchange) on the Forbes AFB south of town. I remember the Topeka Peace Center. That summer was a tense time, when relations between the police force and the community were strained. On two occasions I felt my safety was threatened by police... and on one occasion by a hung-over trucker with a .44 in his hand.

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