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Thread: Does Social Security statement include nontaxable income?

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    Does Social Security statement include nontaxable income?

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    Over the years I have had money taken out of my paycheck pre-tax to contribute to my 401(k) plan, pay health insurance premiums, and contribute to flex spending for medical, childcare and transportation. Since this is nontaxable income, is it included in my earnings on my social security statement?
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    not sure ... but I just emailed my son who is pretty good at this stuff ... he's both working in and studying accounting.

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    401(k) income is only incone tax deductible. It is still counted for calculating social security and medicare taxes.

    Health insurance is a full pre-tax deductable and is not used for calculating income, social security and medicare taxes.

    I don't personally know how health savings accounts is taxed for social security and medicare.

    The easy way to figure it out is to grab your latest paycheck and see how your medicare tax divided by the medicare tax rate (which I don't know off hand) compares to your gross pay minus various deductions.

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