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Thread: Worlds biggest baked potato

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    Worlds biggest baked potato

    I had a craving for a baked potato with my chicken today. So the store had 3 loose potatoes in plastic wrap. Two were shriveled and one was the biggest potato I have ever seen. I took off the plastic wrap and put it in a huge piece of foil and it took forever to bake, but it is tasty. It almost covers an entire plate! Probably 4 servings. I might end up with leftovers. I didn't want to buy a 10 pound bag of potatoes though. I keep looking for a small microwave on sale or clearance but haven't bought one yet.

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    I never use the microwave, if we were closer I'd give you mine.
    That is one huge potato. Apparently we quit eating as many white potatoes (red and yellow included) because I went to make hashbrowns on Saturday and discovered 3 5lb bags of various potatoes in the potato cabinet that had never been opened but had all sprouted. We do eat the sweet potatoes I buy but I need to just delete "5lb bag potatoes" off my printable shopping list.
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    There's a restaurant chain around here called McAlister's Deli

    They serve some really, really large baked potatoes. I wonder where they get them.
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