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Thread: 100 Percent Juice Is a Lie

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    Angry 100 Percent Juice Is a Lie

    Finally, I can post - been having problems with the site.

    Okay, so I wanted to buy some 100 percent Cranberry juice at the cheapy store. I have bought it before when I have a UTI and the cranberry juice is delicious!

    Anyway, they stopped carrying it (Darn) so I looked at all the other 100 percent juices - but they aren't. By turning the bottle around to each side and horizontally and vertically - you get to figure out that they are between 5 and 27 percent juice. But not necessarily the juice listed on the front. Cranberry juice was water, sugar, apple juice - tons of chemicals and way at the bottom cranberry juice - but they were charging a much higher price for it than the apple juice. Lots of juice there in the store but nothing was really juice.

    A 2 liter of soda is less than a dollar and they want 3 dollars for sugar water with a tiny amount of juice. I stopped buying soda to get away from sugar so I wanted real juice. (Yes I know fruit has juice but this was added sugar)

    So, I go to the expensive and rude store across the street from this one. They have the brand name very expensive cranberry juice - costs three times as much but same thing - not juice.

    If someone wants expensive sugar water, then buy a soft drink or mix up some kool aid.

    So I should have looked in the canned goods aisle for cranberry sauce - but maybe it is red jello.

    I will try to find out about that.

    The food industry is becoming such as scam, and in a small town, people don't have many choices about what to buy.

    Yes on the front of the Cranberry juice - it might say it is 100 percent but it isn't and neither is the grape juice and other juices.

    Anyway, I am sending an email to the cheap store about how I am barely buying anything there anymore. There produce is usually in bad condition (so is our Aldi store), their meat is enhanced. Right now the frozen vegetables, brown rice and some pasta or canned goods are all I buy there. I am having to visit multiple stores each week to find healthy foods - it is ridiculous.

    This tiny cheap store has mostly soft drinks, sugary juices (that aren't juices), snacks and some enhanced meat. I am sure people would buy healthy food in my town if they could find it.

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    Cranberry sauce (jellied or whole berry) does have sugar or corn fructose but I did buy a can.

    The store across the county didn't have 100 percent cranberry juice either. Maybe the manufacturers aren't making it. I wouldnt' be surprised if the same companies that own the soft drink companies also own the juice companies.

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