The store across the county had a good produce sale. Three pound bag of apples for 90 cents (eating one now and wish I had bought 2 bags), bags of fresh spinach for 90 cents (I don't like it cooked), pints of tomatoes for 90 cents (got 2). They had other veg and fruits too but that is enough for me for a week or 2. Wish prices were always that low! They also had the garden variety spaggeti sauce for 90 cents (got 2). Only fatty food I bought was salad dressing (bacon ranch -tastes awesome on the spinach - but I don't use much). I got home late and had spinach, leftover chicken and an apple. Now I am all hyper - lol.

I was a pest for the spinach because none of it was out - but I found an employee who found a case in the back. Sometimes being a pest pays off!

This is where I am getting my ground turkey now too - only has rosemary extract to preserve it. It wasn't on sale this week though so just bought one pound.