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Thread: Living deliberately

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    Oviedo oil and beeswax are moisturizers probably helped reduce scarring. I suppose I could try straight puréed plantain - which I have in the yard in abundance, but I am doubtful. My skin literally drips. I have to dry with a hairdryer to achieve a crust when I put calamine on, or it literally rinses off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chicken lady View Post
    The garden has been infiltrated by poison ivy. The vines have sent out runners under the mulch and little tiny leaves pop up everywhere and hide under the plants spotting them in the beans for example, was hopeless.

    I am severely allergic - as in once the cat walked through poison ivy and lay on the couch and I sat on the couch in shorts and I got what looked like second degree burns from my butt to my calves and had to change the layered bandages several times a day for more than a week. I have had "wrap your arms in ace bandages" cases twice this summer in spite of long sleeves and gloves.

    it generally takes the goats a year to really clear it out. They love it and eat it to death.
    OMG that's awful! No wonder you abandoned the garden!!!! Hopefully the goats will do their work so you can go back to growing food next year.

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