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Thread: Wow, this amazed me (housing prices).....

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    Quote Originally Posted by creaker View Post
    Mine's a little ticky tacky post WWII house in Roslindale (neighborhood of Boston for those who don't know that). Bought 2001, the crash dropped the price slightly below what we bought it for, but since then it's close to 200% of original price (if it was fixed up but it's nowhere near that). Not a lot under $350k here, though.
    Wow, what a small world! The first ten years of my life I lived in what was then rural redneck New Hampshire in Sandown, which is now a bedroom community of Boston with a price tag to match. Back in the 70's, in a very different era, my father would drive to Haverhill, across the state line in Massachusetts, and buy a large bottle of cheap wine at Kappy's Liquor Store. Then we would proceed on down to Roslindale, where I had an uncle who lived there until 1985 when he passed on. I have been there numerous times, in a Mad Men like era where one could get away to some degree with drunk driving. I remember riding the MBTA (I think those were the initials?) to my uncle's place though I am not sure where we parked. Small world!!! Rob

    PS Please forgive me for getting nostalgic. I can remember my first slug at liquor was back in 1975 on a visit on the subway to my uncle in Roslindale, but he didn't answer his door because my wealthy aunt was there and told him not to answer to the Austrian trash - my mother. We went on down to Providence, RI, instead, not very far away as these states are so much smaller than in the West, and I learned about camels that day as we went to the zoo in Providence and there were camels there. I ended out getting sick that day as it was August and very humid but I remember those camels to this day! Utterly fascinating! Rob

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    Quote Originally Posted by gimmethesimplelife View Post
    I remember those camels to this day! Utterly fascinating! Rob
    Camels are cool. OK rural MO...there is a Camel rescue place about an hour and half north of me. It's kind of fun to pass fields of cows (very normal), cows, maybe some sheep and horses then back to cows, then a field of camels....and back to cows. I guess it's a place for retired circus camels or something.
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    Every year Virginia City has camel races and they are so funny. They have Ostriches pulling chariots, etc. They use a broom to put by the animals face to get it to go the left or right. It started with Mark Twain as a joke. He didn't have any news for the paper so made the story up. Back in the day the movie stars came to VC frequently so someone wealthy brought in camels and held the races. It has been done every year since.

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    You got me curious, and the value of my house in MA has gone up since I last checked, but Rob it is still below your AZ average.

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