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Thread: Quiet Protests

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    Quote Originally Posted by CathyA View Post
    I feel bad for the trees.
    My immediate reaction, too.

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    I saw a different story about someone dealing with potholes not being filled. (it was a video that I originally saw) In this case someone was going around spray-painting penises around potholes, sometimes incorporating the hole into the "artwork". Not surprisingly this gets the city's attention and the holes get filled quite promptly.

    Here's an article about it, complete with images...

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    Meanwhile on Illinois Tollway (straight from the horse's mouth)...."Man hits a row of potholes on the tollway, calls it in the hotline number to report potholes, gets transferred to the "right" department and 911 emergency call center answers. The That's just how its done here in Illinois, Land of Lincoln.The governor now considering turning a freeway in Chicago partly into a tollway. God help us!

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