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Thread: April Frugals!!!!

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    Let's see frugal.....

    I am shedding pounds slowly on the Weight Watchers program which means I'm eating less food and eating out less. 14.5 pounds since Feb 19.

    i don't need to buy clothes because I now have more clothes that fit and look nice. aka, retained enough clothing from my weight gain momentum. I'm not a clothes horse by any means and likely wear 3 or less "outfits" each week. I have tossed 1-too large and very worn out pair of jeans to the trash bin. Yea me!

    I have not stepped foot in a store of any kind, bricks/mortar or cyber, this week so no spend there. We did go out for dinner last night though.

    In March I quilted 10 kiddo size quilts. Everything needed was in my stash-no purchases. Then in April I sewed binding onto all 10. All this binding was leftovers from past quilts and sitting in my binding box. Voila! Magic scrappy bindings. Saved me a lot of time and reduced the impaction of my binding box. So far I have finished the handstitching on 4 of those. These will go to a charity quilt group I joined in February.

    Early this month we hit the 2" mini plant sale at our local Fred Meyer (geraniums and fuschias). These have been growing in our little portable greenhouse on the patio. This weekend I will pot them up in our patio pots and hanging baskets for the front of the house. Super savings. Spent $101 instead of a small fortune to have 12 baskets/pots to pretty things up for the "no frost" season. This purchase includes all the geraniums to "line the driveway". I like red geraniums up both sides of our driveway...great pop of color. My best bargain of the year-this plant sale.

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    Yppej I have had really good luck lately with JCPenny and Kohl's if I watch for sales. I got 2 bras for $40, in my unique size that was amazing. Their clothes are nicer, a little trendier and with a good sale they can be a good price. I actually started watching for sales, and I think some of the more winter clothes like sweaters should be clearing out right now. I spend real money on shoes, Off Broadway has good shoes and you will pay for it but they are great shoes. Some of the ones I have been wearing for years, I dread when they wear out. It is easy for me to try and spend nothing on clothes but I started buying one clothing item every paycheck so I can focus on some quality and building up the wardrobe. However I work in education with kids, I can wear casual most days. It is a treat to wear a skirt.

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    Someone at work told me about Off Broadway this week but there are no stores of theirs in my area. Penny's and Kohl's are both close and both used to send me $10 off a purchase of $10 or more coupons but haven"t for a few years now. I found out sandals are allowed at work which helps, but at some point I will gave to get a few things.

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