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Thread: Possibly going to Chile for a week in October.....

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    Possibly going to Chile for a week in October.....

    There is a chance I may be flying off to Santiago, Chile for a week in October with my elderly Mother, who has always wanted to see South America and the Andes and Santiago, and can afford to due to the money left behind to her by a family friend who passed on back in 2012. I may get to go mostly paid for - my Mom wants me to see Chile as it is on my list of places to immigrate to/retire to. We'll see if this pulls together or not - we are both a little apprehensive, not due to conditions in Chile so much as more due to how unstable the world seems at the moment, with this bomb dropped yesterday in Afghanistan and with the rhetoric from North Korea ramping up.

    If we do go LOL we will NOT be flying United to Santiago, which flies to Santiago direct from Houston Hobby. More than likely LATAM airlines or maybe Avianca from LAX. I am a big believer in flying foreign carriers so here's a chance for me to do so again possibly. Rob

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    Great wines in Chile!

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    Great news Rob! I hope you both end up going. When we fly to Europe we also have had much better luck with the foreign airlines.

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