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Thread: I have no clue what to do, no one responding

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chicken lady View Post
    I think Zoe Girl's problem there was that option three penalized the wrong people.
    Sometimes that as a short term penalty, so the blame falls on those whole fail to respond within their deadlines, can be beneficial in the long term.

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    Having read about the high staff turn over that Zoe Girl deals with, any learning from a "short term penalty" probably wont carry over to next year, but would quite possibly attach resentment to the program. It would also penalize the kids- who are, after all, the reason for doing this work.

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    Sounds like you handled this catch 22 very skillfully, ZG! I admire your commitment to the kids and your willingness to work through difficult work problems.

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    Thank you Tybee, just a crappy situation. And I need to open myself up career wise,

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