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Thread: How to fix torn bottoms of roller shades?

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    How to fix torn bottoms of roller shades?

    Wasn't sure where to post this. I have a number of pull-down roller shades that are torn at the bottom edges....right above the wood slat that fits in the bottom
    I'm sure I can cut a bit off the bottoms, but do any of you know of a way that would keep that "hem" intact, around the wooden slat? Do you think a thicker double sided tape would work?
    The rest of the shades are in perfect condition, so I'd really like to save these.

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    How old are they? Sometimes, these things simply age to the point of being irreparable. The price has come down so much on the roller blinds that I have seen in department stores. They do look messy when they get torn though, don't they?
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