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Thread: Clearing Out Parent's Home

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    Quote Originally Posted by KayLR View Post
    My mother just passed away May 20. We are in the process of cleaning out her house, too. So far it's been an ok process between all the sibs.

    Since I am the one who has always done genealogy, they keep bringing me stuff they think I'll want to save. Some of it is helpful, other not. One thing has me a little befuddled. It's a family Bible from my dad's side of the family----from 1850!! It's about 5 inches thick, heavy, musty and stinky. There are names and dates written (beautifully) on a few of the back pages. I can simply scan those pages, but I feel kind of weird about just throwing it away. What would you do?
    Well, depends on how musty it is, and it depends on how much other stuff you keep from your family.

    but I would never throw away the oldest single artifact from a side of the family.

    I had an old blanket that was said to have accompanied a great grandfather to the civil war. I researched blankets of that era and it did seem to hold up to that story, so I passed it on to the eldest son of the eldest cousiin while I was scanning photos and dividing up stuff. We had very little to pass on to the kids today and that is fine, but each kid got something.

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    Kay, my sympathies on the loss of your mom.

    I am a DAR member and I know the DAR library has a large collection of family bibles; you might consider donating there:

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