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Thread: Clearing Out Parent's Home

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    Only one person I know had storage units and when he was dying we had to empty them for him and one of his other friends helped. He paid on it for years for nothing valuable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teacher Terry View Post
    Only one person I know had storage units and when he was dying we had to empty them for him and one of his other friends helped. He paid on it for years for nothing valuable.
    For my dad, the idea was to move a small percentage of his goods and papers and books up to where he is now living, and put them in storage there rather than using his house and barn for storage, so we call see the house.

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    I have a storage unit. I've had up to 3. When it was at its worst, I had just closed the bookstore. I just arranged to rent space for one month, in September, to have a GOB sale, last hurrah sale, whatever you want to call it.

    Six people got the email. One isn't coming. Another isn't coming because he's across the country! That leaves 4 people. I mentioned it to one other. Invite only sale. After it's done? Salvation Army or the local library will get a sizable book donation, or maybe both. I'm done. And this doesn't address the books in our attic, our kitchen, our living room or bedroom.

    My dad met my mom because she sold him books; he collected books. I met my husband because I rented a 2 bedroom house -- was going to have a library. Got a short term roommate instead (he'd lost his summer job because he wouldn't do crap work on a construction job). We've been married 30+ years. His family are packrats too.

    I'm more than ready to be done. Now all I have to do is figure out how to do it without the F'n panic attacks that I get with it. . . . Details, details!

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    Quote Originally Posted by iris lilies View Post
    I just had an idle thought * hit me as I read these last couple of posts: how do you know all this stuff meant anything to your parents or grandparents? I can’t believe that every single thing in their house had “meaning. That’s just not the way we all live. We all keep crap out of ennui, For the most part.

    * Do you want to know what the dictation software wrote for “Idle thought“? What it wrote: auto fart.
    @IL, that is hilarious!

    But seriously, you do have a point about stuff having meaning, particularly all of it. No way can all of it have meaning, maybe some, but not all. Honestly not sure where it comes from. I guess it might come out of family lore, for example, Grandma collected a lot of Hummels, it was her thing, it meant something to her and that gets applied to everything Grandma owned. More likely, and what I think, it comes from the guilt surrounding getting rid of it or even thinking about it.

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    In my experience, the things that have real meaning: the sugar bowl that sat on Aunt Mary’s kitchen table for 50 years, and the cake plate Grandma used for birthday cakes. The rest of the “matching” dishes? Meh, they can go.

    But there is this notion that “sets need to be kept together” I think because they were collected piece by piece, and there was satisfaction in having completed the set. Then guilt at breaking it up ensues.

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