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Thread: Clearing Out Parent's Home

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    IL, thanks for the cautionary tale regarding if money is owed for nursing home care. That was one of my concerns that if there's a lien on the house from the feds. All the more reason not to sink money into it. While Dad is still independent now, if he goes into a care facility there's very little retirement account money left, so decent chance there will be a lien involved unless he has a very short stay.

    Even if there is no lien or money left over, I don't see doing any fixes because not only does the house need a ton of work it's also in an area where people are buying up old bungalows (like my parents house) and fixing them up to the point of tearing out the interior and completely rebuilding from the inside. Any fixes we do would most likely be torn out anyway.

    So whether the house is sold to pay for care expenses or not, either way, it's not going to be worth fixing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ApatheticNoMore View Post
    Make sure he owes nothing to the feds, however I think laws recently have made it harder for the feds to actually claim a house from the estate for end of life medical expenses like nursing homes, so it's quite possible the feds have no claim on a house, even if Medicaid did indeed pay for nursing home care.

    Or suffice that is what the estate lawyer I talked to said when I asked if they could come after a house for medical expenses and whether having a trust changes that in any way (the answer was no and no - trusts are mostly for avoiding probate for middle class people). So as always actually talk a lawyer, rumors online are just that, but the lawyer did assure me as much as I could be assured (hey I tend to worry).
    Hmm, interesting. I skimmed Google articles and there is a major change in California that went into effect Jan 1, 2017. Is that where you are? But I did not get from the article the same info you got from your attorney. But he is the expert.

    The Lookback period for Medicaid recovery of assets is administered by the states and those laws and practices vary by state.
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    Part of what has taken me years is that my folks owned properties and I had to sell those. Had to get renters out and do repair work. On the rentals and the main home we only did work that needed to be done for a loan to go through. Not a single upgrade. My son's dad is a contractor and has been hired time and time again to rip out new work for the taste of new owners. Told me it would be a total waste of money and to let new owners come in and upgrade. In the end it made no difference in what we asked for the homes and we weren't out money on a remodel.
    I had two barns and two large shops filled with so much stuff I had to hire somebody who knew how to price tools and farm equipment. I had tractors, trailers, boats and vehicles to sell. It took us a long time to wade through what was obvious garbage and remove it to get to a place where stuff could be evaluated. My brother and sister were quite happy to sit back and let me handle it. Attics were filled to the brim. I had never been up there. I joked and said it reminded me of the end of Indiana Jones when they were storing the arc of the covenant.
    Although I always knew this job was going to fall in my lap, I really thought my dad was going to be a huge part of taking care of it. It wasn't until my mom died that we realized that my dad had dementia as well. Her issues eclipsed his and we thought what we were seeing was stress and grief. His decline has been rapid and he could not help but thankfully he did not hinder. He was able to answer a lot of questions on the properties that I never could. We downsized him last. The crème of the crop went to his new apartment. That lasted for a year and a half until we needed to move him into dementia care. Now I have to sell those last belongings and I'm done.... we are liquid. What a learning process this has been. It uncovered so many family issues........
    Never..... ever....... will our kids have to go through something like this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iris lilies View Post
    This reminds me, now that we have our trust and will in place, I need to write a letter to trust officers to assure them they should get rid of all of our STUFF as quickly and painlessly as possible. I have said this verbally, but it needs to be in writing, too.

    I want them to NOT attempt to honor me in any way thru my STUFF.
    As a bank trust officer, I just gotta say - I love you!
    "Do not accumulate for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and thieves break in and steal. But accumulate for yourselves treasure in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, your heart is also." Jesus

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