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Thread: Clearing Out Parent's Home

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    I helped my mom clear out our house with 30 years of stuff stored in the basement. Not a hoarder at all but kept the stuff we outgrew through the years. It was fun because we did it together over 2 years. We had a bunch of moving sales. They wanted to move to a apartment. My MIL was a hoarder but only lived in a 2 bedroom trailer. She died unexpectedly but I was only 53 so easier than it would be now at my age. I have helped friends do the big clean out also.

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    The estate sale company that did my mom's sale cleared out everything that was left over. They asked us if it was ok to allow one of their contacts to come in and take what was left. We emphatically answered YES.
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    The gal that did our estate sale worked with a charity that came and took everything, left us a clean house a receipt and a the key. I was so relieved.

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