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Thread: Who needs data?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tammy View Post
    I just finished reading The Handmaids Tale today. It's eerily similar to our country this last year.
    Since gender is now fluid, how do we determine who to subjugate?
    "Things should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler." ~ Albert Einstein

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    Quote Originally Posted by iris lilies View Post

    Many, so many Google articles show outrage at this attempt to "erase" Lgbtetc people.

    I think that point of view is silly.
    Thank you for your opinion. However, as someone who had to figure out how to come out of the closet at a time when gay people were, in fact, largely invisible I respectfully disagree with you. The social conservative part of the republican party are forever trying to push social norms back to what they were in 1952. Getting lgbt people to shut up and go back in the closet is a big part of that.

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