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Thread: 2017 gardens

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    Quote Originally Posted by CathyA View Post your birds eat your spinach and lettuces? I've never had that problem.....yet.
    They eat it all in seed form.

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    You mean they peck it out of the ground? I occasionally have that problem. If you didn't want to use birdnetting, you could lay some hardware cloth (wire) or chicken wire above it and I don't think the birds would mess with it.
    Maybe I mentioned this above, but the mice would always eat my snow pea seeds and I found if I presprouted them, they wouldn't eat them. I'm not sure that would work with lettuces though. Maybe sprinkle some hot pepper flakes around?

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    I had some little finches that would bite at my lettuces. Now I keep a chicken wire tunnel over the beds.
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