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Thread: Dd and the cost of owning a car

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    There was a class like that in my high school, only it revolved around planning a wedding. One poor guy was teased mercilessly for telling his class bride she should get a $100 wedding dress from the J. C. Penney catalog. At that age not everyone is ready for financial maturity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yppej View Post
    At that age not everyone is ready for financial maturity.
    At what age are people? Saying this knowing people in their 70's and 80's who are not, and have lost houses and such.

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    My thought would be - at whatever age they have money.

    i have a 14 y.o. Student whose life is a mess. Not her fault, but man is she read to fix it! I listened to her explain to her friend that said friend needed a bank account. "I'm getting a bank account as soon as i can get one without an adult. Whenever I get money, I put half of it away and don't touch it - that's what I'm going to open my savings account with - for big stuff like school and maybe a car. Half goes in short term savings for stuff I really want, like a computer. And the rest I can spend on clothes, or food, or minutes on my phone or whatever.

    my wedding dress cost $125 in 1990.

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    Yes, some people just never get it and some do. I went shopping for wedding shoes with my best friend from college back in 1990. They were going to be covered by the wedding dress so they just needed to be basic white. She found the perfext pair at payless for $10.99. Her soon to be MIL nearly had a heart attack that she'd bought such cheap shoes. And even offered to buy her a 'better' pair.

    Perhaps they were the cause of the divorce ten years later...

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