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Thread: Cutting down sugar

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    Went to a different location of my favorite supermarket chain and bought some prepared quinoa salads as well as quinoa to cook. This should be better than my past tendency to load up on potatoes or higher glucose grains, though I did get some taboule as that wheat isn't processed. No fruit this week, but vegetables, nuts, tofu, falafel, some dairy, and my weekly cheat item was a couple thin crust Newman's pizzas loaded with vegetable toppings to enjoy with my son, who is going through a rough patch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yppej View Post
    my weekly cheat item was a couple thin crust Newman's pizzas loaded with vegetable toppings to enjoy with my son, who is going through a rough patch.
    We've discovered that the Bellatoria thin-crust pizzas are relatively carb-friendly -- 45 grams of carbohydrates in half the pizza. As frozen pizzas go, much better than some. Good positive moves in the less-sugar direction, Yppej!

    I'm still "eating to my meter" to figure out trends in my blood glucose, so I've only had 1/8 of one of those Bellatorias in the last three weeks. The vast majority of the other carbs have been non-starchy vegetables. Strangely, it has not been hard for me to just drop the starchy carbs. But if I can sustain this way of eating, I'll have to figure out how to accommodate DW's interest in starchy carbs. She likes them and (in the quantity in which she eats them) they seem to like her. So a clean sweep of the pantry probably is not going to happen.
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    It has been about ten months since I started looking at sugar intake with an eye toward curbing it. I have plenty of doubts about information that proliferates the web on and about sugar. But I have had success in incremental reduction of weight at about 3 lbs per month. Although I go to the gym four mornings per week, ride 30 miles on the bike per week, walk an additional 20 miles on average per week, I still attribute the gradual weight loss to restricting sugar and carbs. The exercise is more about rehabbing my back, mental health and muscular toning than weight loss.

    I havent cut out all sugar and carbs by a long stretch. I like soft serve ice cream and I eat cereal sometimes in the morning but there are categories of food that are completely non existent....soft drinks, energy drinks, juices, candy bars have all gone extinct. I am due for an annual physical in October and interested in what the bloodwork reveals about changes in cholesterol and such.

    Overall, less weight - down 15% - has improved my life.

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    That is great William! I am also one to question all the diet info that is everywhere, but cutting down sugar to about a third of what I was consuming has been the only thing affecting my weight in the last 10 years. Even with the women's tricky hormones I am staying at about 7 lbs down, and I have a loose goal of getting to 15 total. I feel a lot better already, lighter, clothes fit better, easier to move and be active. I have noticed it is slowly affecting my weight around my waist, that is what really needed to move! And I can still have sweets but a candy bar or sweet soda would probably be waaay too much.

    I did have a small reduction in my cholesterol, I have not had it checked in many years however. I will be interested to see what yours says.

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    I tried cutting down on fat just to see (it seems most doable anyway), sure enough my weight dropped (not no fat, the human body does need some small amount of fat, let's not be crazy, I still ate 30 grams). Of course that actually means VERY LIMITED SUGAR in the form of treats as they are ALL sugar-fat combos, unless you are counting fruits whose consumption along with starchy veggies I increased and my weight went down, so yea fruits are not to blame. Look I eat LOTS OF FAT otherwise, so it's really just calories, I've never been one for sweet drinks or anything, I'm not that in to sugar that doesn't come with fat.

    But it's hard to sustain psychologically so I don't know if I recommend it as it's too hard to sustain psychologically under boatloads of stress, a lower fat diet is stressful or maybe and just as likely it's just that ALL dieting can be stressful, it's having to be so on guard with food. One can debate how much it's is worth it, sure I have some fat, but all that and having "healthy weight" BMI anyway, how much is it worth dieting for me, I'm not sure. And I work out at the gym with weights twice a week and walk.
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