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Thread: What, no Tide or Cheer or etc granular?

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    I wonder if it isn't due to the ubiquity of HE washers now. You have to use HE detergents and in my experience (unfortunately, in hindsight) powdered detergent just doesn't dissolve like it should. I was using my favorite powdered detergent which is actually manufactured here locally, but had to go to their liquid instead as the powder left huge deposits of gross soap slicks on clothing. Especially noticeable on jeans and dark clothing, but I'm sure it was on everything. With the HE, you have to micromanage each load, not overload, make sure there is a mix of weight/size of pieces being washed. But hey, it's efficient somehow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sad Eyed Lady View Post
    A repairman that came to work on my dishwasher last year said never use the pods in the dishwasher or the washer. He said the plastic doesn't all disolve and clogs up things. Can't explain it the way he did, but that is basically what it boiled down to.
    That is exactly what caused my dishwasher to take a year and a half off working. Clogged up from pods!

    Dry detergents don't dissolve well for me.
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