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Thread: Harlan sheds like crazy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by iris lilies View Post
    Furminator was invented in st. Louis. Imhave a free one fromthe former head ofMarketing. i like it a lot.they are not cheap.
    If the furminator is too expensive, they have shedding blades for around $10. They don't work as well and my dog hates it. But it removes hair well

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    Try one of these-- I'm using one on my horse and it's amazing. For years I always used the metal shedding blade but this is much easier to use.

    My dog is just the opposite, as she hardly sheds at all. I only got her last year (tiny elderly chihuahua mix) and she's been fed a raw diet from the day I got her (first frozen, now The Honest Kitchen dehydrated). Her coat is thick and gorgeous but she should have been losing more than a few hairs here and there. They say that raw/species appropriate diet helps with excess shedding, so maybe there is something to that.

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    As the owner of three Corgis, the most prolific shedders in the dog world, I would be so happy if I only had to vacuum every three days. Here's is how we handle it : we taken them into the groomer every 6 weeks and have the undercoat taken out. In between the groomers, they get brushed with a Furminator every other day. . Except during the really heavy shedding times, then it is once a day. This doesn't take long, if kept on top of it. I can get through all three of them in 20 minutes or less. except on Tuesday, ( Toesday ) That is when I Dremel their nails. when I used to only have one Corgi, Toesday was for nails and Fursday (Thursday) was for brushing
    Also, investing in a good vacuum. I have two Dysons ( an upright and a canister )and they are used and abused on a regular basis.

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    Toesday and Fursday! Love it.
    Am adding

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