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I've been lazy in the garden project lately. Had to put off buying peagravel for 2 back yard areas because of needing new tires. Got too hot to clear off shelf rock. I did finish a tiny little area and transplanted iris/lily here along with a little bush. At the goodwill I found a small Easter Island Head for $1 which reminded me of the special we watched not long ago about how they moved those heads. I decided to splurge $1 and add it to the garden and see how long it would take the husband to notice it. Took him 9 days!

This is very cool! And I'm not surprised about the hubby not noticing. Dh is the same way.

I say we take a break until fall! Of course, fall is only 2 weeks away, but still. Two weeks of rest and relaxation will be an excellent way to end the summer.