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Thread: Crossing the border next Thursday, a little apprehensive.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToomuchStuff View Post
    No it isn't. A moderator/administrator, while you may be able to use the ignore function between the ears, if they ask a question and your ignoring them, has the power to ban or cause you to be unable to post, as well as the ability to edit your posts. When they go threatening to do such, for you and them disagreeing, it is time to step down.

    I was on one board where the the founder of the board, resigned when the designer of the equipment the board was about, started banning due to people (including myself) quoting their posts about when this or that product would be available. People were making financial decisions based on those posts and that poster was stringing them along. That board is mostly silent now, with every once in a while that supplier wants to have a what do you want next discussion, which brings back the old posts.
    It is a kind of Napoleon complex.
    "They make a desert and call it peace."

    I've seen that happen on other boards. Only engaging the people with similar ideas and style to your own would be exceedingly dull.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gimmethesimplelife View Post
    Sorry, Alan, I don't follow you here. Rob
    You began the post referring to it as 'neutral' and ended the post inferring that posts were approved through a filter of social class. You gotta admit that is some funny stuff.

    Quote Originally Posted by Geila View Post
    Rob - His reply is not meant as constructive dialogue, it's meant as sarcastic put down. Because you are earnest and sincere (and assume others are as well), you will ask him what he means, and he will coyly string you along with more sarcasm. It's a game designed to make him feel better at your expense.
    "Things should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler." ~ Albert Einstein

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    To go back to the spirit of the very beginning of this thread - here is another update about Mexico. My husband and I are crossing the border on Wednesday, August 3rd for the Birthday of a cousin of his and I will also go to the dentist and get a new dental night guard as my old one is falling apart. Much less expensive there and what else is great is that the turnaround on getting the night guard into my hands is one hour as the dental lab is on site. So a little bit of personal, a little bit of business.

    I'm not as worried about crossing this time based on my smooth experience last week. We'll see but I'm not as worried as I was. Rob

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