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Thread: Daily Bread

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    Losing a best friend is hard. I lost 2 of my dogs within the last 5 months. 2 of my remaining 3 dogs are elderly too.

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    I’ve been studying Keith Richards guitar playing style. The Rolling Stones. First off, it’s difficult to find formats these days that don’t crunch all the musical parts into a digital delivery system .....which makes it hard to hear the universe of sounds in the originals. Vinyl records are far superior.

    But, I have found one or two mentors on YouTube who seem to know the real essence of Richards. And it is oddly enough simplicity. There are typically six strings on most guitars. Some have twelve but Richards plays mostly with just five. In addition, he tunes his guitars to an open tuning. Most times open G. This is a tuning that is often used for slide guitar style. He decided the droning effect was desirable played with fingers and a pick.

    But what it did was force him to explore making sounds with a limited palet. He uses a variety of techniques to create a lilting swinging style which creates depth to his playing. And he uses space....empty space instead of filling the music up with a wall of notes. He also plays ahead of and behind the mechanized beat.

    So you say, what’s the deal? The deal is that those of us who are striving for simplicity are similar to Richards and his quest to discover the freedom created by simplicity in his music.

    Simple living is not easy. Sounding like Keith Richards is definitely not easy. What’s common on YouTube are people posting covers of Rolling Stones songs. They sound nothing like Keith Richards, yet they seem guenuinely convinced they have mined the magic of Richards. Typically, the music doesn’t swing. To live simply takes hard work. Sometimes we think we’ve mastered ....only to discover how we are living an accumulative lifestyle after all.

    Simple living allows you you to experience the real joy of freedom. It means to me that I choose to have space, rather than clutter. I choose an open and generous lifestyle. I try to minimize possessions that cause me to stress over my Security. Instead of things, I try to focus on people, thoughts and expanding my understanding. Possessing an inordinate amount of things, causes me to spend an inordinate amount of time dusting, cleaning, maintaining, storing, rearranging and worrying about them.

    Not being bogged down by boatloads of stuff allows me allows me to travel through life lightly. I have more time for fun, laughter, communication and sharing. I can open my arms wide without worrying that something is going to be taken from me.

    It never ceases to amaze me how I can tell myself that just picking up one more thing won’t adversely affect my life, instead I can talk myself into rationalizing that a new thing will make my life easier or make me more fulfilled. It’s usually not true. Not only does it burden burdens other people I interact with also. Other people have to concern themselves with honoring your things. I don’t find this is consistent with freedom.

    Like Keith Richards, I want to explore simplicity. I don’t think I’ve scratched the surface. But I’m going to continue trying.

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