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Toomuchstuff, I was thinking along the same lines.
Iím simply making the observation that as a nation we lack balance between our supposed dedication to freedom and liberty and the association with and encouragement of the military industrial complex. We mortgage our grandchildrenís future in exchange for our own personal conveniences. We sacrifice our elderly in exchange for our own personal convenience. All this is born out of either fear or hatred. As a nation, we lack balance. We take military actions, drones strikes, special ops, secretly undermining other sovereign nations ....no more seriously than going to the convenience store for milk and bread.

The elderly are not working because they enjoy retrieving shopping carts or standing as a cashier for hours. They would be shouldering a rifle if the military would accept them in exchange for unlimited access to healthcare. Should we just allow the tides to determine our direction or should we attempt to steer ourselves in the direction of progress? Keeping in balance is a participatory activity. And the reason we are out of balance as I see it is due to fear and hatred.