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    Agreed about the wall shaping a microclimate. The Missouri Botanical Gardens here, less than 2 miles from me, grows plants more tender than I can reliably geow, and theirs are huge and old.

    OTOH I learned this about my completely fenced iris garden many years ago: that fence kept the drying wind from blowing over plants and as a result, I had a severe infestation of Leaf Spot fungus in my iris beds. These iris were 100% in sun and yet, the Leaf Spot! Ugh. After I moved them all to my other garden which sits on a corner and gets winds from two directions, I didnt have that problem again. I refer to that site as ďthe prarieĒ due to the wide open space, kinda unusual here in urban plots.

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    This years winter project has been selling off a good bit of my vintage vinyl and saving for a new guitar. Itís not a sexy classic rock guitar like the Gibson SG I acquired last time or any of the shredding brands that those guitar heroís use on stage to impress all the girls or guys if you will. There are some Smokin hot female guitar players out there. But anyway, no Iím going to get that workhorse of country music and Keith Richards Of The Rolling Stones.......the Fender Telecaster.

    Of course itís got to be the American made model. They donít come cheap so Iím parting with some of my best german vintage classic Rock and psych albums, a few rare jazz and some mainstream stuff still sealed. Iím about 2/3 there and itís getting down to the nitty gritty. Iím going to have to be ruthless in my choices. Some Hendrix, some Iron Butterfly, a Miles Davis, some Creedence Clearwater Revival, a CSN&Young or two should get me over the top. And I have a stash of dollar bin stuff and a ready buyer that will pay for a guitar stand.

    I enjoy record collecting but I enjoy guitars more. And I feel like when you can make one hobby pay for another itís a win win situation. Thereís not going to be a easy transition here to the next topic. Fact is, Iíd like to talk about coffee mugs.

    So I have gradually lost interest in all my coffee cups. My wife made the tragic mistake of giving away all her every day China and buying new. The old stuff had these small coffee cups, that were a white color. They were perfect and fit my hand nicely. The new china is made in China. Itís very irregular and inconsistent. We both hate it.

    There is a nice set of Nortake china in the hutch that we never take out. Those coffee cups are awesome. They are perfectly engineered to fit my hand and every cup is the same. The Japanese know how to make quality stuff. But my wife threatened harm would come to me if I broke one of those cups. I have a collection of mugs which just seem to find there way into the cupboard and Iíve used them over the years but the coffee always seems to get cold before I get to the bottom due mostly because they are too large. And none of them really feel comfortable in my hand.

    I found myself in the local thrift store staring at an assortment of glasses, cups and mugs that owners decided they didnít want anymore. There were some ugly mugs, some too big ones, some cruddy looking ones and some colors that hurt my eyes. Then I discovered this tan colored English coffee/tea cup that was twice as tall as it was wide and had a handle that mated with my fingers. It was tastefully decorated with a blue daisy pattern. The bottom revealed it was a ďChurchillĒ. At 99 cents, I fell in love. The thing that really sold me was that the top was fluted perfectly for my mouth. And I get to the bottom while my coffee is still quite hot. I tossed a couple of my mugs out of the cupboard and placed my new English partner in its home.

    I am in tune with the world now.

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    My coffee mugs are important to me. I have replaced mine with only polish pottery ones that are perfect in every way.

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    In a former vocation, I was know for my unorthodox approach and had I been supervised by any of the other non commissioned officers available in my troop, I would have likely found myself kicked out of my CIU. Not due to my inability to perform at a high level, but because sometimes I had a tendency to embarrass people along the way who stuck strictly to inherited assumptions regarding the proper way to do things. I did not. I only cared about results and those outcomes which served the greater good of the people we served....the victims. This put me at odds with people not in my direct chain of command but who I was expected to work in concert with both inside and outside of my agency.

    My direct supervisor understood me and he knew if given a long enough leash, I would provide for closure and all the unforgivable sour notes I struck along the way would be forgotten and the entire body of my work would be understood as a poor man’s masterpiece. I would walk into dangerous situations in order to get a quicker resolution, would remain out working past authorized overtime, create tools out of paperwork that nobody had ever seen and got people to talk using inventive techniques that stretched the boundary of “proper police procedure.”

    The only proper police procedure in my book was that which produced the truth about an incident. And so it is not unusual that I would be nicknamed, “Monk.” Not Adrian Monk.......But Thelonious Sphere Monk.

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