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Thread: Changes are a comin'!

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    Changes are a comin'!

    Well, I'm not getting much work done today. I'm supposed to be cleaning the house but I keep thinking that since we have company coming next week I might as well leave the thorough cleaning for then.
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    I know how you feel. We've hosted my DS/DIL for several months and we also have had BIL camping out in our guest room for a few months.

    The one thing that they had in common was they pretty much stayed to themselves--more than I expected. It was almost weird. They were no trouble at all.

    As far as meals went, I'm like you--we don't eat formally, and DH and I enjoy completely different types of food, so we just eat what we want when we want. It didn't take DS/DIL or BIL long to figure that out. Sometimes if we were making a real dinner, we would invite them, and they would either say yes or no. I never felt that inhibited really. In fact, I felt worse for them, because we have one full bathroom that has two doors--one to our bedroom and one to the hall. So it was probably slightly uncomfortable for them to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night because they were so close to our sleeping area.

    I think your setting certain ground rules right up front (i.e. meals, any household responsibilities, etc.) is a great idea. So nice of you to host him. I'm sure he'll really appreciate it.

    And just keep in mind, this too shall pass!
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    I'd explain to him up front how the meal situation normally works in your house.

    i get the space invasion thing! We've had dd home all summer, and parts of it have been lovely, but when she left for work this morning, she told us she is going straight to a friend's house from work tonight and will be home tomorrow afternoon. My evening feels so peaceful...

    i also had a friend stay in my studio barn one summer so she could go to Grad school. I loved having her around, but her kids were here every other week, and I had to buy bathing suit tops for gardening when her boys were around (I usually just strip down to shorts and a bra)

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    What would you expect of a paying roomer? Set the same ground rules giving him some input to their development. He may be as nervous as you are and wondering how to handle the whole situation correctly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by razz View Post
    He may be as nervous as you are and wondering how to handle the whole situation correctly.
    This. As my first wife would tell you, I'm a horrible mindreader. I would much prefer a nice little conversation sometime in the first day or so that discussed house rules: meals, expectations of rides, your expectations for quiet hours and room cleanliness and (umm) guests and such. It may be no more than "we don't care" or "just use your common sense" but I'd rather the topics were approached up front than have to wonder about it.
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