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Thread: August Frugals!

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    Quote Originally Posted by flowerseverywhere View Post
    Researching how to do sourdough starter so I can make my own sourdough bread.
    I've had my own starter for... hmmm.... now that I'm thinking about it, it must be 10 or 15 years now. I've almost killed it several times, but it's hung on - lol. If I recall correctly, I used the very basic version found in the Tightwad Gazette to create mine. And the general recipe I used is also from there.

    Good luck! But be aware that it's like having a "pet"... needs to be fed, used and cared for.
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    Our last week or two have not been frugal.

    - the cr@ppy-refrigerator's freezer had a lie-down last night so a good chunk of what was in it had to be tossed. Some raw food will be cooked and refrozen. The silver lining is that a good amount of what was in there was odds and ends -- a third of a loaf of bread we hadn't finished, bones/skin/trimmings which eventually would have become chicken soup, a few chili peppers we use sparingly, etc. And we have another freezer downstairs that still works like a champ. I'm thinking the key to freezer "insurance" is to never keep both freezers full. I know they keep cold better when they're full, but this way we can switch between them if we have to and not have a near-total loss.
    - got the bill for DW's urgent-care visit a month ago (which led to the Dx of exhaustion). Out of network. A cool grand for the visit and tests. They told her to call them and they'd figure out what they could do about submitting for insurance. If we get nothing out of that, I think we're well past the medical deduction for this year...
    - got an estimate to repair DW's wedding ring, which, apparently, had been hit hard enough against some thing(s) that one diamond fell out and another cracked (hardest material known to man; how do you not remember doing that?).
    - spent the weekend at a friend's cabin. Because I'm eating ultra-low-carb, I brought some food I could prep and eat for myself. I also bought the shrimp for shrimp dinner. But I got to drink all kinds of expensive scotch I never would buy on my own and the rest of the visit didn't cost any more than fuel (see below). So I'm calling it a fun weekend at the cabin.

    There have been some bright spots:
    - our cabin host raided his garden before arriving and brought lots of veggies which went uneaten. He wanted guests to take them home, so I scored eggplant, leeks, peppers, and onions, and could have brought home a ton of tomatoes (except that our neighbor keeps supplying us). I have to manage the swell of produce at this time of year; it all looks so good but we can only go through it so quickly.
    - 49 mpg on the trip up and back from the cabin. (!)
    - some more rebate checks came in.
    - we had to replace a special-format LED bulb via warranty. It came in a couple of days agao -- a two-pack. So we won't have to be without a bulb when the next one (of 8) blows.
    - I chose not to renew some Web site memberships, opting for their "free" tier instead. It's good enough for what I do with them.

    Ugly, ugly month financially. *sigh*
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