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Thread: How to decide where to live

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    Quote Originally Posted by nswef View Post
    is there a bridge to the main land or a ferry?
    There is at least one main causeway from the Burlington area mainland to South Hero. It's actually an amazing drive across the lake--flanked by the Green Mountains and the Adirondacks.

    But there are also ferries--there is a Grand Isle ferry to Plattsburgh NY, where there are lots of other "city" amenities.
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    For me, that would be a great location, but that is a very personal decision, no right or wrong.

    It sounds like your biggest concerns are size of house and the big unknown of the neighbors. Is there a HOA, and someone you could talk to from the association, to scope out what the group is like?

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    The house would be too small for me, but I assume you could expand it if you found it so. The location sounds pretty good. Go with your instincts.

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    As for the house itself, for me it would depend on how much built-in storage you have inside the 600 sq ft. As for guests, I'm assuming summer/good weather, can you add a screened in porch? I have very fond memories of sleeping in the screen room with cousins at my grandparents' home.

    As for the 10 families, well, you'd all have to get along, and not be "best friends" - how long have they all lived there? and why is the current seller moving?

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