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Thread: got a grand-baby day!

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    got a grand-baby day!

    I worked this out with my new sup, He is a super nice guy but I need to work with him on a few things. Basically we are on-call 60 hours a week therefore I flex my mid-day and take care of my life. Since it was the day before school starts I did tell him I was taking my grandbaby for the day, but was available all day by phone and email and would be checking. He was finally ok with it (note that I had already put in 40 hours before I got to Friday) but was concerned what other people would think. Actually he left me in charge of one of our tranings this week to pick up his son from school, so we all have something going on in life. Most of the time I won't tell a sup unless I am not available at all for a couple hours, but a dentist appointment I just take care of.

    I got a nail in my tire a couple days before that so we started at discount tire, where baby A won over this nice man by being so charming. She is making noises and throwing things and waving to people now. Then we had to go to my main office and get something installed on my computer, so she got to meet a lot of people! The last person who held her she cried for, too many new people too fast. And they all loved seeing her so my sup's fear of being flexible with me was unfounded. There are times when kids and grandkids may be in the office in our work, just not all day.

    Then I got a fold up stroller from Target so we could go to the park across the street for a walk. She was not tired until the walk and then we both needed a nap. Ahhh, I still got a lot of work done. I had a lot of thoughts come up, about how it was when my kids were little, some of the experiences that were crappy back then but seem to be better now. One of my themes, I think it is a 50 yo thing, is some regret. I had fun with being home with my kids, doing home daycare and other part time jobs, but I still feel like I really missed an opportunity to have had positive work challenges because I didn't have support. Seeing my daughter getting more support is really nice.

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    Awesome, this is a real win for grandmothers (and mothers) everywhere!

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    That's great, ZG! Maybe I'm biased (being a "ganpa") but I believe kids really need to know their parents' parents, if at all possible (and constructive).
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    sounds like a great day and one for the win column!

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