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Thread: Amazon's prices going up and down

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    My beef with Amazon is all the cheap Chinese stuff that is so prevalent now. Trying to get this house put together (window coverings, light fixtures etc) and some of the things I have ordered have been cheap quality and labeled incorrectly. For example, I ordered what was listed as cotton curtains on website and when they arrive label says polyester and the measurements were off by a few inches. Ordered some French Arcoroc glass storage containers which I hoped to keep for life and they arrived cracked and the lids didn't fit. I am assuming they were counterfeit. Sometimes even the item description on the website doesn't make sense as if its lost in translation. I haven't had any delays in shipping with Prime but I'm not sure I am going to renew it for another year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultralight View Post
    I checked out a book from the Phoenix public library back in 2011 when I was livin' in the 85006.

    I set it on my coffee table for a couple hours. Then I took it into the bathroom for some reading on the throne. I noticed a little brown speck fall out and land on the floor. I picked it up and realized it was a damn bed bug!

    I took the book and threw it in the freezer and put the "specimen" in a small ziplock bag. I put it in the freezer too. I inspected the areas where the book was but saw nothing.

    The apartment manager sent in the exterminator to look at the bug. He was like: "That there is a bedbug -- one of the damn tiniest ones I ever seen. How'd you know what it was?"

    I said: "I have been scared of them for years. I did my research."

    He then flipped through the book and saw a couple others in there smashed. He said: "Whoever had the book before you had one hell of an infestation."

    We waited months, constantly inspecting. And in the end there was no infestation. I was really lucky. The exterminator said: "Being vigilant can pay off once in a while."

    So a simple, small library book darned near infested my apartment with bed bugs. You cannot be too careful!
    EEWWWWWWWWWWW!! Bedbugs and their eggs are so very hard to get rid of. I've read that they can live for months on end without food (blood). I'm so proud of DD for working so hard to not take them to her next apartment.......which worked.
    They can hide absolutely electrical outlets, in seams of clothing, in book pages, in purses........absolutely everywhere. She got rid of her mattress when she moved, for sure. I'm glad you dodged the bullet UL!

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