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Thread: Texas flood......where does all the trash go now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bicyclist View Post
    I hope that the pictures from Houston make people think about the literal mountains of debris that will have to be processed. Everything we consume meets its end. Some of it much sooner than later. Let us try to consume less and be an example of an alternative. Bicyclist
    I wonder how many of them will look at what they are having to replace, and realize the damaged item, hasn't even been paid off yet. (while wondering how to pay and if they really need the next one)

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    My friend has approval AND a crew to clean up and repair her home. She has to be out tonight as the work starts tomorrow.

    80 bags of trash at the curb. Drywall has been removed. All lower cabinets, wood floors from the entire home (I estimate her at 1400sf?) She had to sadly part with a box of photos on Saturday-colors running....this is what she is so so sad about! Her daughter just left for college. Today her washer/dryer will go to the curb. "23inches of water in the laundry room means they won't work anymore!".

    She lives on little $ and these 80 bags of trash are not a ton of "stuff" but items of everyday of her home structure.

    And the aforementioned 2 sofas, 2 ottomans, 6 occasional tables.....all ruined from floodwater.

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    That is so sad.

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