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Thread: Alcohol and meat

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    Good one Razz!

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    Quote Originally Posted by razz View Post
    whoever prepares the meal calls the shots
    I think that's true! Since I took over the cooking at our house the following conversation takes place almost daily:

    Me: What would you like for dinner?
    She: Whatever you're cooking!

    Tonight it's smoked pork tenderloin with scalloped potatoes and a green or yellow vegetable to be named later. It's not too late for her to express an opinion.
    "Things should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler." ~ Albert Einstein

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tybee View Post
    My husband was bit by a tick and developed an allergy to all meat. It is actually called a mammalian protein allergy. That's the phrase we use, although no one has tried to feed him whale meat yet. . .
    There was a podcast I listened to a while ck (radiolab I think) where they had on a very funny woman who had LOVED a good steak but had gotten bitten by a tick and came down with this disease. Worth looking for to hear an honest perspective on how much trauma it caused, but delivered in a very humorous way.

    And you gave me a good laugh with your comment about whale meat. Thank you!

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    Alan I agree, my ex was vegetarian for something like 9 years, and then when we changed he declared it was a stupid thing to do. For the first year or so I told him he was welcome to cook anything he wanted to go along with what I cooked. However I was not experienced in cooking meat so I did not feel comfortable and having it turn out terrible or worse like food poisoning.

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