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May I offer a bad interview from the interviewee's point of view?
I am a retired dental hygienist but when DH was transferred to another community, I went for an interview with a local dental office knowing no one there . The dentist in his wisdom had decided that his staff would do the hiring. They brought in a number of candidates who were asked to sit in front of the staff who were free to ask any questions to see if the hire might be compatible. These were very angry people with very limited interview skills and it became a stressful, bear pit situation. I was asked to consider working for the office but declined due to what I felt was the lack of professionalism on everyone's part.
Oh, that reminds me of one bad interview. Nothing really dramatic but just a "why did I bother doing this" sort of thing on my part. Can't remember specifics of the job requirements anymore, just the setting: really nice professional office building and my HR contact was very professional and courteous. So far, so good. I am in the room waiting for my interviewer and she finally comes in, and between her dress and hair she looked as if she just rolled out of bed. She went impatiently through the interview as if she wanted to be somewhere else and I lost track how many times she ran her hands through her hair. When over, she immediately left the room and the HR person rather sheepishly escorts me out. It was all I could do not to tell her (the HR person) that it was the most unprofessional interview I ever had and good luck finding someone who could put up with that, because I was out.