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I checked today and mine was impacted, so since I had issues with Equifax's freeze I tried to sign up for their True Identity but they said they have a high volume of requests, it may take days to get confirmation that I am enrolled, I must keep checking my spam folders, and no phone number was provided to call for assistance. The evening news reported they are not responding to interview requests (although their CEO previously said how they respond to the breach and not the breach itself would define them). Nothing they do seems to work.

My letter to them demanding redress went out in the morning's mail. I have no desire to phone their call center in the Philippines.
Well, it wouldn't surprise anyone that Equifax has combined the response of TrueID with terms of service clauses that shield the company from liability arising from claims based on their own screw up. Basically, if you check if you are at risk on their site, in order to get a response you have to accept their terms which provide for broad immunity and forced arbitration. In other words, the attorneys get the millions of dollars and you get the pennies in the settlement.

They must be preparing for the nuclear option.