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Thread: Hillary Clinton Done Being A Candidate

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogar View Post
    Maybe over time Hillary will quite blaming others and realize she lost because her platform and personality just didn't connect with enough voters. It's time for her to step down, but she should get due credit for being the first female major presidential candidate and making a pretty good go of it. I think it will make it easier for others to follow.
    Actually she isn't just blaming others. That's just a popular fake news meme created by people who don't like her.

    I haven't read the book yet because I"m waiting on it from the library, but from the quotes listed in the above article she's certainly no W who couldn't come up with any mistakes he had made when asked.

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    Many of her apologies seemed to be that she sort of took the blame for saying the wrongs things and not connecting with many in the country. But she does an equal amount of blaming others for the outcome. I will agree however, that she hit the nail on the head when she said that many voted against her rather than for Trump. I would go a little further and say it was doubly sweet for many to go in the booth and both vote against her and vote for Trump. They are the ones who stayed up until 3 am laughing, drinking and making merry. It was an epic failure. Personally, I don't think she is down for the count.

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    This whole thing just brings back intern scandal memories.....

    When Bill was caught and she said I want a divorce, you can have everything, but I want the house.

    I wish we knew how many people thought of Trump as a democrat that he claimed to be and just voted against her, rather then for him. Nader and before him, Perot were the closest I ever remember a third party candidate getting. I think this should end up shaking up BOTH big parties when all said and done.

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    In 2016, the American political class presented the nation with a choice between near-certain chaos and smarmy authoritarianism. They went with chaos by the slimmest of margins. In the end, entertainment defeated entitlement, and the most qualified woman in the history of the universe was relegated to the book tour circuit.

    It will be interesting to see how each major party deals with their respective failure in the quality control area. The Republicans need to get some clarity on what it means to be a Republican. The Democrats have a lot of rebuilding to do at the local level and a resurgence in enthusiasm if not numbers of the leftist faction of the party.

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