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Thread: Are you normal?

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    I am normal for the groups I see daily, but different to the other groups I see daily. Over all the people and area I live in, I am normal. Drop me in an different part of the city and I would be considered weird I imagine. Perhaps because we would have different daily issue to be concerned with.

    Now peel back the onion....everyone has some strange tendencies!

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    I don't think i am seen as normal. I am kinda cool in certain small groups such as meditators and apparently 'makers' . I am also not too outside the box in education, which is nice. It is little things, i talk about food differences a lot. That seems to be big. My ex and the parents of my son's girlfriend are 'normal' , kinda pretentious jerks according to the kids

    It is cool to say none of us are normal but i have actual evidence. I test as a very small group in the Meyers Briggs system. That is self reported but in work settings i also have had trainings where i am about the only one in my type in whatever system they use. And then thereiis the bipolar. That is a factor and has an impact. Right now with attention for my maker work it is better, good different. A lot of times i would trade in the empathic part and the part where i don't make sense to people

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    I remember an episode of that, where the Air Force tried to design a seat for the "normal" or average person. It fit no one.
    What is normal, other then a concept?

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