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Thread: The cost of gass

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    The cost of gass

    I noticed today that gas prices here are up about 20% from the summer. I suppose some sort of real or speculative oil shortage from the Texas refineries. and probably just temporary. Cheap energy has been pretty good for the economy and a reminder that it could change quickly.

    Mostly unrelated, but a number of my life's basics were fairly stable in price during the long recession, but most are now creeping up. I don't keep good enough records to be exact, but all of my utilities have been edging up in small increments that are becoming noticeable. The housing boom here hasn't affected me since I live in a paid off home, but my property taxes and home owner's insurance have sky rocketed. Groceries still seem like a bargain. I understand the the government's method of calculating inflation represents some sort of typical basket of consumer goods and has been very low, but in real terms my personal rate of inflation my be something to consider for future planning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rogar View Post
    in real terms my personal rate of inflation my be something to consider for future planning.
    It has always been thus. The "market basket" that is used to calculate things like inflation and cost-of-living increases is not identical to everyone's market basket. The basket typically includes things like breakfast cereal and relatively little-purchased things like funerals and TVs. DW and I purchased cremation services this year but don't plan to do that again for a long time so the presence of funeral service costs in the basket is a little illusory. A generic basket won't be an indicator for everyone, so it's smart to consider your own sources of costs and inflation.

    We have noticed utility prices creeping up, too, less so the cost of the consumable (gas, electricity, etc.) than the fees around them. Property taxes have gone up, too. Excise taxes go down as our cars get older, but insurance keeps creeping up (must shop that around again...). We're holding our own, but it's much tighter than it was five years ago, that's for sure.
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    The man working at my gas station said the hurricanes are just an excuse by suppliers to raise prices.

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    I drive a Focus. And even hauling all my dive gear, including about 180 lbs of tanks, I'm still getting 34 mpg. The cost of gas doesn't affect me much even when I'm driving several hundred miles a weekend for diving.

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