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    Czech Republic

    Just a few more photos, I promise!

    I went to Prague at the front end of our European trip while DH went to Switzerland for hs family reunion.

    Prague is probably the most beautiful city in Europe because it is smallish and human scaled, and it has consistent architecture undamaged by WWII. The city is rich because of tourism and they keep up their buildings and streetscapes beautifully. When the communists left 25+ years ago, the Czechs picked right up and engaged in capitalistic commerce.

    Anyway, I didnt take photos and you can Google Prague pictures if you want to see it.

    I took a day trip to Karlovy Vary, a spa town where the healing waters were popular back in the day. It is one of those picture perfect small European cities, my favorites for visiting. I went to see the Moser Glass factory, and that tour was very interesting. I had no idea that Karlovy Vary was off the charts beautiful! I didnt take photos, but here are two stock images:

    Finally, as a hotel junkie, I will plug the Hotel Paris in Prague which provides exactly the experience I want, Olde Europe. It has a fabulous Art Nouveau/Deco interior with amazing brass finishes. The hotel staff provide old world service as in "madame, may I ...?" and good advice. It is perfectly situated, on the edge of Old Town but not in the actual fray of it (crowds!) It has fabulous, luxe breakfasts includng champagne, and the restaurant is first class for other dinIng. It houses original art with 30 pieces on each floor. DH cheerfully observed "so, this is where the Nazis stayed while occupying Prague" and yes, I can visualize SS officers on our room.

    This is the best hotel I have stayed in, and the second best accomodation EVER. I think it cost around $200 per night.

    Photo of my obsession, the hotel's brasswork follows. I am freakishly enamoured of original fixtures and features in hotels bcause it is very difficult to renovate these places for modern tastes yet keep the old architecture.

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