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Thread: Could you live happily out of a rucksack?

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    I went to Europe for 6 weeks once with just a rucksack. It was fine, you just wash things out in the sink each night.
    Went to England as member of a choir and took just a backpack then, too, for 12 days. That was fine, too.

    But would not want to live out of a rucksack in my home. That would not interest me. It would remind me of descriptions of life in prison--one bar of soap, one toothbrush, one book--everything supplied for you, and free food and health insurance of course. But yuck.

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    Recently returned from Alaska. We each had a backpack and I carried a small bag on the flight. We had one rolling duffle checked. We used everything we brought. We had more than usual since we had layers of clothing. It was a good thing! On vacation I prefer not to have to do laundry. If I had to, I would though. Just as I prefer not to cook then either.

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    When my son and daughter (5 & 6 years old at the time) and I got called suddenly to be in St. Louis the very next day for a 3-month stay, I put our essentials for me and two kids in one small Samsonite suitcase (the old-fashioned non-wheelie type--this was in 1992). Three of us lived for 3 months out of that one small suitcase.

    The first time I went to France on business for 2 weeks, I determined to just bring a nylon garment bag. I brought one pair of shoes and outfits that coordinated and could go from casual to business casual very easily. I HATE having too much stuff when I travel.

    Rosa, while I also can't imagine bringing 6+ pieces of luggage for a short vacation, I also agree that when you have a car, you tend to do "why not?" packing. Why not bring your own coffeemaker? Why not bring your favorite pillow or whatever.

    You of all people, UL, should be able to live out of a rucksack easily.
    "Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it--every, every minute?" Emily Webb, Our Town

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    Nope! (it was a yes or no question....right?)

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    When we go for even a 3 week vacation we each have one medium rolling suitcase and 1 carry on smaller bag. The cab driver was amazed we could take a 3 week cruise with that little luggage. At home no way.

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