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Thread: "White Athletes Still Standing For The Anthem Are Standing For White Supremacy"

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    We need more like you.

    Edited to add - and honorable people in general. Take the case of Laquan McDonald. All sorts of people in government not just police engaged in a coverup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yppej View Post
    We need more like you.
    Given the attitudes of today, I suspect recruiting quality people to take the job will be difficult.

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    My heart aches for each person trying to do what they believe is the highest sense of right. I do respect your right to do what is right for you and each member of the police to act according to their highest sense of right.

    Sports figures as well as entertainment figures are heroes to their peers and to their fans. Each of those players have been asked over and over again by their community to use their position for making a difference.

    After really giving this some thought overnight and while walking the dog this morning, I realized that what was lacking was a leader to help resolve the differing points of view. None stepped up! Not a newspaper columnist, not a Republican, not a Democrat, no professor, no one! Please, please, please correct me if I am wrong on this as I would so love to hear about it.

    A leader, IMHO, would have said (along these lines): "This is a democratic nation that is leading the world: in innovation, freedoms, (add many others that apply) and in its openness to peaceful protest. We have challenges to work out that will take the whole country to resolve as is true of every nation. There are, however, some points on which we need to agree; respect for law and order, respect for our flag and respect for our national anthem in support of all that we as a nation hold dear. MLK, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, (others) found the way without diminishing those three points, we need to and will do so, too."

    My US history is deficient in that I cannot recall any US president who has addressed the process of peaceful protest. Since I have always admired the protesting that takes place in the US, I am sure that several good examples are there.

    I guess that I am struggling as an outsider with a sense of loss. I had such confidence that the checks and balances within the framework that created the US would prevail. I am beginning to doubt this. I am not alone in this view. When I see what limited priority is given to US citizens in Puerto Rico who are devastated by circumstances beyond their control, I question who is leading the country. It is not just a President.
    Over and out of this thread.
    Gandhi: Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony .

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    razz , as a citizen of Canada ....outside looking in, your input is valued here. Iíll leave it at that.

    On my way to the gym this morning I passed three flags at half staff symbolizing an entire nation mourning the deaths of innocents in Las Vegas. As I travel around on errands, there will be more such flags and one giant flag 60 ft by 30 ft on a pole about 200 ft flying at a local manufacturer of hand tools that sells worldwide. That flag is symbolic also of a commitment to their community. A sign reads next to it..ĒOur blood, Our sweat, Our Steel.Ē They could have moved their production to China or Mexico and made tons more money but they chose to be true to their roots...since 1886.

    There is a little bit of sense of dishonor when protestors target the flag intentionlly. They have the right to do it but I donít have to like it. Protest if you must but donít forget the good things that flag also represents.

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