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He goes around giving speeches to Wall Street collecting hundreds of thousands a pop for the very industries he was supposed to regulate (wall street, healthcare etc.) and that he instead bailed out. If he just retired quietly to a life of golf, one could say "let Obama go already". Or if he choose purely to be an elder spokesperson or whatever for the Dem party one may or may not agree with his influence (I think it's kind of good it turns out he doesn't really care about politics, as it let's younger factions there have a chance.), but at least it's a natural role. But to just go around cashing in by the very industries he made decisions in favor of. On the sleaze scale I'd have to give it a 10.


I don't focus on Obama that much really, yea he's really not president, so if Trump passes horrible policies that Obama somewhat supported too well then it's good to know history but not all that interesting otherwise. But despite that periodically news like this slips through, that just reminds one, ugh that guy has no shame.
I understand now where you are coming from. Obama did not turn out to be the pure idealist some had hope for and was not a perfect president. It will be interesting to see how history judges him and what other goals he might pursue. He falls in with his cohorts Clinton, Bush, and maybe a few other for making millions off his presidential notoriety. Only Carter in recent history has devoted his post term to mostly humanitarian interests. Oddly enough many think his was also the worst president. But that's probably enough of that.