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Thread: my day just got significantly worse

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    That was my goal, originally. Until I found out that library work is not about "loving to read" or "loving books." At least not anymore. It would cost me $20K+ and it's very very difficult to find a job around here (depressed area).

    I also was enrolled in a master's program here and dropped on 2x. My anxiety issues make school very difficult for me, even though I was a good student.

    And thank you for hitting the nail on the head: I don't have the energy to endlessly reinvent myself. This is my third career; I've been working since I was 18. Fourth career if you don't merge journalism and PR (both involved writing). This is why I feel so lost.

    I keep thinking of the line, "I'm empty and I'm aching and I don't know why" from Simon & Garfunkel's "America."

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    Masters in library science might be the degree if you want to continue in libraries (you work in a library if I recall). Just throwing that out there, perfectly ok if you don't want to (and yes any 18 unit path would be quicker), as I don't think we all have the energy to endlessly reinvent ourselves our whole lives while keeping up all other demands in life. So merely an idea.

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    Do you l have a lot of years left to work or are you near the end? There are some low dose meds that work great for anxiety. Many people develop anxiety as they hit menopause age due to all the changes in our bodies. Yes I understand reinventing yourself later in life. I had a MSW but after one of my co-worker's was killed by one of our clients I went back to grad school at 40 and changed careers yet again. I had 3 kids at home and wanted to be there for them. I have had 4 different careers. I did not even start my BA until I was 31.

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    I think that I will exit in May 2018 after 25 years at age 55 1/2

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