Is anyone in a group derived from this? There is one (actually two now, story to follow) for my neighborhood on Facebook. It's basically a gift economy type thing. I was surprised - a lot of time things like this will flair up and then fade after, but the one for my neighborhood has been active and sustaining well.

The story is we now have two groups (kind of) for my neighborhood. One philosophy behind this particular gift economy is "sprouting" - basically when the group (and you can only be in one group) reaches a certain size it should split so the groups remain a manageable size, people can actually know people in their group, etc. So after we hit a size, that's what the admins did. Splitting it right on a street that pretty much demarks an economic boundary in my neighborhood. It was just kind of announced it would happen and in a very small window - and then there was a huge pushback on it. It got a bit ugly. The end result is the split happened, but the boundary was changed to include a wider economic range in both groups - and another group outside of Buy Nothing was started by those who thought the neighborhood should remain intact. It will be interesting to see how this plays out, but I hope it all continues to thrive.