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Thread: What's with all these sexual allegations coming to light?

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    I can picture 50 partners for the late night bar population. Guys tend to exaggerate on such things, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flowerseverywhere View Post
    For most people?
    i must seriously be out of touch. Over 40 years ago I married the love of my life and would never put my marriage at risk. All of our friends are married that long or longer. I think we were so busy working, taking care of the house and raising kids I think we were too tired to do anything else. I know very few people who even got divorced, and only two of our friends even go to church. It is about fidelity and self respect, but to each his own.
    Several years ago I asked my daughter, who was probably about 22-23 at the time, "Say you have a female friend who's about 28. How many partners will she have had?" And my daughter told me 10 partners. I was surprised. I knew people were much more sexually active than when I was growing up, but casual sex, as in "OK, you seem like a nice guy and we just spent 30 minutes engaged in small talk, let's have sex" is just hard for me to wrap my mind around. I accept that I'm a dinosaur, and I certainly don't judge people for their choices, but, man, I'm glad I'm not out there in the dating pool!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bae View Post

    Shaming the victim.

    I'm sorry, if you're a female at a photo op with an ex-president in a wheelchair and you are facing the camera, and he slithers his slimy hand onto your nubile young ass, it's a bit of a situation. And the old perv in the chair knows it.
    People know what they are doing, and I assume that they know when you would not be in a position to move or refuse or react. Happens all the time, and can be as simple as a grope or touch or actually set someone up for a more serious assault or rape. We are not supposed to 'fend off' as polite women in professional settings! Now that would be rude,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultralight View Post
    Thoughts on these types of sexual assault allegations?
    Need bigger shirts:

    Didn't read anything on the "victims" age. I say that because as a willing participant I have no way of knowing how close to consenting age he was, where the difference here was she was a teacher and if this were not that type of situation, could be legal.
    In my state, if he were 17 and a day and met her outside of school, sex would be legal, but they could both be charged with different child porn charges.

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