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Thread: Question - how many close friends of colour do you have? OR How to be a friend

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    Quote Originally Posted by razz View Post
    Clarify this please. Too many to choose from or not feeling comfortable with any particular one? Maybe I don't understand the challenge of choosing a best man. Some best man choices last a long time but others are short-term as are bridesmaids.

    Had a delightful experience of knowing a best man being a woman and both the marriage and friendship thrived in comfort.
    Your definition means I would have many "close friends" to choose from. My view of close friendships, means that I wouldn't be able to fill the position, let alone the other positions. Best man, is just as an example, which would first require being close to someone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToomuchStuff View Post
    Razz, maybe you should start with, how many close friends do you have?
    Close friends, I think needs better defining.
    I have few "close" friends never have had close friends. Really it all depended where I lived. Growing up in the north we had zero other than white at our public schools. 18 moving to San Antonio I was the only white girl waiting tables most the time, so for those couple years all my friends were of Mexican descent. Living in TN for a few years it was a very mixed area so all friends were of assorted races.

    Back in the north again, well it's just the area we live. I found all the people I have ever became friends with all shared the same interests or spot in life as I did.

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