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Thread: Winter Solstice

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    I went to a Blue Christmas/Longest Night service at church, which I had never heard of before. Has anyone else heard of it? It was billed as "a time of silence, meditation and music where those who find themselves with heavy hearts may find space to remember, to grieve and to find Hope." There were lots of candles involved. I cried through the whole thing -- hadn't realized I really needed a good cry, or maybe I had an inkling and that's why I went.

    Afterward I went to a big solstice party that was very cheery. Earlier, I went on a long walk at sunset. So it was a great night, a little bit of everything.

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    I wrote this poem for my solstice ritual with my friends a few years back...feel free to use if you like:

    Circle Women

    Circle women, gather closer,
    draw near, gain comfort.
    On this eve of deep dark
    this night of velvet black
    we push back the shadows

    When daylight seems so slender,
    and nightfall comes too swiftly
    Draw this circle snug around you
    Pull its compassion up to your chin
    Chase away chill with our warmth

    Soon, soon, comes again the warm light
    Dry grass of brown sends new shoots
    Thank you Mother for the tender green
    Even the hard furled buds will flower
    And women...will you

    Circle women, gather closer
    Dream now deeply until Spring
    Dream of your juices flowing
    Your creativity gleaming
    Your woman light shining.

    --Patricia Frank, Solstice 2013
    Author of the green eco-thriller: Falling Through Time Editor of

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